Coffeehouse Anyone?

One of the most popular and enjoyable events of the school year is coming back.  North Point will be holding another Coffeehouse on April 30th and May 1st.  Mr. Minor, head of the Theater Department, was very impressed with the previous turnout bringing in a total of [eight thousand dollars].  He hopes for another great success for this years Spring Coffeehouse, Tea for Two.

Why have another one?” Minor responded “Well, springtime is a great time, because there are so many events and since we were able to finish with the musical [Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat] early, I am able to get a head start and hold auditions,” Minor said, hoping, that the profit can go towards helping out the Theater Department.

Compared to past coffeehouses, Minor thinks the last one was “just phenomenal”.  “We had a listening audience, and a new sound system,” said Minor. Sophomore, Nichole Yhap (’12), thought that the previous coffeehouse was “pretty good” and enjoyed the fact that there was more of a variety of bands and other acts.

With new students, new sound system, and performances it was hard to choose one moment that really stood out, but Minor thought that Andrew Latour’s (’13) dance was fantastic. Latour performed dance routine that was new and original.  When asked what her favorite performance was, Nichole Yhap (’12) quickly answered, “We Defy.”  We Defy surprised the audience with new stunts and dance moves.  Yhap said that she would definitely attend the next coffeehouse.

Coffeehouse has been a great opportunity for students to show off their talents to let everyone forget about tests and projects for one night, and sit back and enjoy a great show.  Coffeehouse is open to everyone, from students to teachers and their families.

Mr. Minor is looking for more volunteers to help out with stage crew, lighting, and hosting.  Lauryn Coombs (’11) and Drake Reed (’10) did a fantastic job on hosting all three nights of coffeehouse, and we hope to find more fresh faces to become our next hosts.

Mark your calendars for April 30th and May 1st and come on down for the second coffeehouse of the year.  You can perform, help waiter, or just come and watch, but be sure to come.