A New Kind of Cupcake

Tired of normal cupcakes? Cupcake Pavilion is a new gourmet cupcake shop in the mall. It sells anything from cupcakes, to brownies, to cake. The available cupcakes range from red velvet, the best seller, to banana pudding. Not only are these cupcakes delicious, but they’re beautifully decorated. The cupcakes definitely stick to a theme. For example, the banana pudding cupcake has a Nila Wafer on top, just like actual banana pudding has Nila Wafers in them. Also, the Oreo cupcake has an Oreo on top.

One of Cupcake Pavilion’s best sellers is the red velvet cupcake. “They have really good icing,” said Erin Webb (’12). Along with great icing, the Pavilion’s cupcakes are rich as well. The Oreo cupcake is just a basic chocolate cupcake with sweet creamy chocolate icing. When customers take a bite, they really feel as though they’re eating an Oreo. Now, the banana pudding cupcake, on the other hand, is a little more complex. In the middle of the cupcake, there is actual banana pudding. “I wasn’t expecting the pudding in the middle of it, but it was a great surprise! It really made the cupcake unique,” said Kamryn Dudley (’13).

The cupcakes at Cupcake Pavilion are great. They look good, and they taste good. So, if delicious baked goods sound good when walking through the mall, go somewhere new. Go to Cupcake Pavilion, which is right across from Build a Bear. The cupcakes cost around $2.75, which is a little pricey, but they are worth it.