BAM! New Books a Million opens in Waldorf

BAM! New Books a Million opens in Waldorf

Book lovers have probably noticed the lack of a local bookstore in Waldorf; however last month they had a reason to celebrate. On Monday November 21st a new store, Books a Million, opened its doors.

    Books a Million is a book store that offers a wide variety of products for sale, including electronics, toys, and of course, an expansive selection of books. There is also a Joe’s Muggs Café featured in the store. While it is only serving certain coffee drinks at the moment, the store plans to expand the menu with more selective items including espressos, gourmet teas, and small snacks.

The store is getting finishing touches as a few boxes are packed in the corner and the workers patrol making sure  everything is in order. The store has been reportedly getting a favorable reaction from the public, including some of the North Point English teachers.

“It was unfortunate that Borders closed; it was one of my favorite stores,” said Ms. Wyse. “I think Waldorf needs a bookstore so I think it’s good- it’s also nice to have a place to reference students when doing projects and assignments involving novels.”

“(I’m) Glad that the Waldorf area has another recourse for literary consumers. Obviously the county library could not fully offer what a book store could,” commented Mrs. Harvard.“My literature circles will work much more smoothly. Some groups acquire the books they selected only having the school and county libraries.”

Some students have displayed their views on the opening as well. Natalie Arimah (’15) said, “I’m super excited! I use their website a lot, so now it’s cool that I can physically go to a store.”
However, Eliana Lopez (’14) did not show as much enthusiasm as Arimah did. “I’m not that excited; it’s just another bookstore. I might visit it if I have a chance.”

When Borders closed many consumers compared it to losing a good friend. Whether it will ever rank up to what Borders was to local consumers, is up for debate. For now, though, Books a Million is a welcome addition to the Waldorf community.