Buffalo Wild Wings Spices up the Restaurant Scene

The front of the menu says “Live by the Sauce, Dine by the Sauce” for a reason. There are twenty different sauces and seasonings for the hand-spun wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. Customers can either chose the Boneless Wings, or go old-school and get the Traditional Wings. There are more than just wings at Buffalo Wild Wings, though. One may order an item from the “Beefy Burgers” section, Ribs, and Salads. There is also a wide variety of surprisingly original appetizers ranging from Soft Pretzels, Roasted Garlic Mushrooms, Fried Pickles, and Mini Corn Dogs, as well as other traditional choices.

As you walk in, you are greeted by a hostess and the roar of patrons cheering on their favorite team. The dining area seemed a little crowded and a little challenging to maneuver. We were guided to a secluded, oddly long table up against the wall for two. Right behind our table was a Claw Game machine surrounded by stray chairs which made it feel kind of uncomfortable. Despite the peculiar seating arrangements, the food was outstanding. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual. There are flat screen televisions everywhere throughout the restaurant for sporting events. The employees are allowed to wear sporting hats along with their football jersey uniform tops. Some may feel that the facility is too dim and rather loud. However, this is the type of restaurant that younger demographics will flock to.

The food was phenomenal. As far as appetizers go, the fried pickles seemed to be the best choice. Just like the fried pickles, the wings were amazing. There are so many options, just about twenty different sauce flavors. The Hot BBQ wings and the BBQ boneless wings were both very flavorful. The Hot BBQ wings are great if one likes breath taking, scorching spicy wings. Some like to go even hotter, and there are many other flavors that take the heat to the extreme. For people that still want that BBQ taste but can’t take the heat, there are the regular BBQ wings, plus a few more mild choices. There are also options with seasonings, and no sauce, such as their Salt & Vinegar wings.

All in all, the food is the most important part and in that category, they nailed it. If one is easily disturbed by a slightly noisy and dim environment then there are other restaurants in your favor in the area.