Spring Fashion: Are You In or Out?

Spring Fashion: Are You In or Out?

As spring time approaches, so does the change in fashion. Spring and summer are some of the best times for fashion because you can throw off all the heavy jackets and allow everyone to get a glimpse of your style.

Fashion forecasters have a feeling that this spring is going to be the season of fringe and black and white. That’s a little strange for spring, but these are some of the predicted trends. The trend of black and white started towards the end of winter and is following over to spring and fall, which usually doesn’t happen in the fashion world.

As for those trends some that are taking over outside of the red carpet, popular street style includes the gothic shoe trend, dark lips, bold statement necklaces and the heelless heel.

Some of the trends started last fall and are being carried over, like the gothic shoe trend. The “creeper” shoe was discovered once celebrities started wearing them as street style. The trend was expected to just come and go, but it effortlessly carried on to season after season. The same is true of the heelless heel trend. Celebrity Lady Gaga was seen in a more expensive version in one of her music videos and everyone just had to have them. So, famous shoe designer Jeffrey Campbell gave shoppers what they asked for, but in a more reasonable price. Once that was accomplished the shoes fell over into street style and have been carried through seasons.

Statement necklaces really became a big hit in the Dior spring collection that came out January 11th. Since they have been on the red carpet, they are starting to break into street style but with a different interpretation. Since the necklaces are bulky and expensive, street style wearers opted for the goth look and found large spiked chokers and necklaces with the giant pentagrams on them. They were right on trend.

Abbey Mosdale(’15) says, “A lot of the trends are being carried on, which usually doesn’t happen unless they are getting inspiration from past generations. But we all have to remember that fashion is nothing but recycling; you have something that starts in a different decade and now designers just recreate what was there and put their own twist on it.”

Mosdale also says, “I think for the upcoming street style the grunge phase will stay, but will also die down a lot because you can’t really wear some of that stuff because of the heat. It’s really hard to predict.”

Fashion forecasters say although a lot of trends will fade, they will never die. One trend that is set to really break out in street style is futuristic holograms. They have been everywhere to holographic bags and sunglasses to clothes and shoes.

Kalandra Collins(’15) says, “I think from a men’s wear perspective, floral button ups and embroidered snapbacks will be really big for men in the spring . Also men wearing leggings [will become more popular]. It has been very controversial, but it’s proven that they can do it. So many runway shows have had their models in leggings, so I think that will cross over too.” Yves Saint Laurent’s ready-to-wear spring 2013 show on October 1st showcased what he called “the way of the future” with men for the first time on the runway in leggings and tights.

Fashion is timeless and will continue to recreate itself until someone pioneers something new and innovative.