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Her name is Maya, resident Sloth. Lazy in all things sports-related and exercise. except soccer. In school she is taken for a Freshman instead of a Senior, but yes, she is 17 and graduating this year with the rest of her friends. Journalism is not her specialty, but writing is. Creating stories is her passion and books are her obsession. Easy to get to know, but fair warning she can be weird at times. An anime and manga geek, she has been since she was a kid. No, she doesn't have a specific favorite because all of them have something she likes. Fun facts: she used to hate reading when she was little, Subway was not on her food list until now, she's only ever lived in Waldorf her entire life, she has a wonderful best friend, and the best parents ever.

Maya Miller, Staff Writer

Oct 03, 2017
2018 Upcoming movie (Story)
The School Newspaper of North Point High School