Battle of the Languages

The Battle of the Languages was held in the Staff Development Room\Mrs.McLaughlin reads off the rules

The Battle of the Languages was held in the Staff Development Room\Mrs.McLaughlin reads off the rules

“You have about a minute!” announced Mrs. McLaughlin, sponsor of the French and Japan club. Students of the French, Japan, Spanish, and International Club immediately sprung out of their seats and crowded around the staff development room door.

They were preparing to start the scavenger hunt, part one of the annual Battle of the Languages. Items ranged from easy, like a left sneaker, to almost impossible, like Matt Lorman’s signature, who was supposed to be found at track practice.

The Battle of Languages is an annual event that connects the international clubs of North Point by way of friendly competition. Each club offers the opportunity for students to learn more about a particular culture, expanding their knowledge of the world in the process.

While members of the Japan club have a mutual interest in manga, most likened to a comic book, and anime, Japanese animation, they have also increased their knowledge of Japanese culture. Most recently, they were acquainted with students from Bunkyo University.

Members of the Spanish, French, and International club also learn about other cultures by trying new foods and learning about other cultural aspects. Karen Contreras, president of the Spanish club, stated, “We dance, we watch Spanish movies, we cook…we even went to watch Flamenco dancing!”

Club members race off to start the scavenger hunt.

Students quickly dispersed all across the school to find the required items for the scavenger hunt.They were given a short fifteen minutes to gather as many things as possible in order to receive points.

The Sushi Zombies were the first to arrive back on time, followed by Le Cina, and Ichigo. The other groups arrived later, and were docked points for every minute they were late. Students eagerly sat back in their seats, their cheeks flushed from running. The hardest thing to find? “Matt Lorman’s signature,” replied Maryiln Estoque, junior, one of three representatives of the International Club. Surprisingly, members were able to find majority of the 25 items on the list. “It’s a friendly competition,” laughs Shannon Hartfield, junior, a member of the Japan club, “you just gotta know who to talk to.”

The clubs then dispersed into their respective groups and prepared for the questions about world knowledge, part two of the Battle of the Languages.

Members of the French Club hold up their scavenger hunt items.

Students flaunted their knowledge of other cultures, easily reciting foreign foods, political leaders of other countries, and even more specific references, like Spain’s

Running of the Bulls, which was answered correctly by Japan club member, Samuel Brown.

The Battle of the Languages concluded with the question: Who is the current president of France?

Michael Divino, member of the French club, sprang out of his seat, and shouted, “Aha!”. Students laughed in unison, entertained by Michael’s enthusiasm. “It’s Nicolas Sarkozy!” answered Michael, earning the French club second place overall.

But by then, the scores posted on the board didn’t seem to matter anymore – students filed out of the room without a prolonged glance at the score board. Instead, they were vivacious, discussing the world trivia questions, eager to learn more.