Yoga Club: New for the Meek at Heart

After formally playing varsity lacrosse last spring, Alina Zayas (’11) realized that the competitive nature of sports was not for her. She then turned to the yoga club.

“Yoga relaxes me and I wanted to bring that [relaxation] to others,” said Zayas, who has been practicing yoga for a while now. As founder and instructor of the club, she is responsible for organizing it and setting up meeting dates.

At the last meeting on April 14, everyone was new to yoga. Attendees included Kolsi Terry (’13), Ivy Coggins (’11), Asiah Green (’11), Moriah Gross (’12), and Crystal Brady (’12). They went through poses including the “cat and cow,” “child’s pose,” “tree pose,” “rag doll,” and a new pose, “downward dog.”

“Lift ourselves out of the earth,” Zayas says in a mellow voice, directing the ladies in the pose. Everyone at the meeting bends over with their hands on the floor. Suddenly, Green breaks down. She cannot hold the pose any longer and appears a little frustrated. Soon, everyone follows suit and crumbles down, not able to keep the pose.

“I have never exercised before, so I’m kind of new to this.” Terry proclaimed. Zayas laughs and tells everyone to shake it off. Yoga is meant to be a relaxing discipline. She tells the girls to go at their own pace and make the moves comfortable for them.

While Mr. Finley is the sponsor for the club, it is student run. “i just sit here,” he says with a chuckle in regards on his contribution to the club. Mr. Finley sits at his computer during the meetings, playing some smooth calming tunes in the background of the dark room, with the lights off and just the images of random shapes and colors on the projector screen for complete relaxation.

If you have never done yoga before, do not be intimidated to come and try it out. In each progressive meeting, attendees can expect to learn new poses. The club will meet on Wednesdays in Mr. Finley’s room and is open to new members. Come join to reach the center of your gravitation.