Meet Your 2010-2011 SGA Officers

Azeezat Adeleke, News Editor

North Point’s Student Government Association is an award winning group of student leaders who provide a voice for this school’s 2200 students. The SGA is essential not just in planning school activities and fundraisers, but in representing North Point in the county and state level student governments. Here are your 2010-2011 Student Government Association Officers:

Kaylah Bovard (‘11), President

  1. Why did you run for your position?

 I ran for President because I love this organization so much. From the very moment I started my 8th grade year, I knew it was bound to be a great place for me to make a difference. I’ve had so much fun the past couple of years with this team and I love everything we do, and I wanted to put everything I had into this next year. 
2. What do you hope to accomplish in your position?

I hope to accomplish many things this upcoming year, but first and foremost I would hope to carry along the high standard our SGA has held every year without fail. Our officer team has been so great and I just hope I can uphold the position. Also, I would like to continue with our commitments with homecoming, spirit week, carnival, etc. but I also want to try and increase the school involvement in everything that we do (which is always needed).  
3. What other clubs/activities do you participate in?

Next year, I’m taking a bit off my plate sports-wise to concentrate my efforts on SGA, but I am still involved in softball, volleyball, Schools for Schools, and I just got inducted the National Honor Society. 
4. What’s your favorite class, and why?

My favorite class this year has to be Pre Calculus just because I love math and I love how straightforward everything is.  
5. What do you do outside of school?

When I’m not in school, I’m always keeping my self busy. Whether it be the next SGA event, softball or volleyball practice, just hanging out with my friends and family, or babysitting my two youngest siblings, I’m always on the move.


Sam Jackson (‘11), Vice President

  1. I ran for vice president because I thought I had some good ideas to make north point even better, and if I was an officer in SGA than I could REALLY put some of my ideas to action. 
  2. For next year I hope to give the student body a larger say as to what goes on at different SGA sponsored events, i.e. Homecoming, prep-rally, carnival, etc.  
  3. SGA is the biggest club I am in, but I also do school sports such as Swimming and Golf.
  4. When [I’m] not at school I am either at home doing some sort of work, either home work or chores. Or I am at the golf course. That place is my second home, literally.
  5.  My favorite class this year is AP World History. Mr. Serpone is a great teacher and it’s a ton of fun to go to his class. Also, I’m just a history nerd. 


Azeezat Adeleke (‘13), Secretary

  1. Student Government is my greatest passion, and becoming an SGA officer is a result of that. The Secretary is essential in keeping track of what happens in this organization and I’m proud to have this job.
  2. I hope to increase the SGA’s cooperation with other student groups and with the general student body. I also intend on working with the other officers to make sure that next year we hole bigger and better school wide activities.
  3. I’m news editor of the Eagle Eye, a member of Model United Nations, a musician in the orchestra, a county wide SGA officer, and a PTSO student representative.
  4. Government is my favorite class because I’m a future Political Science /International Relations major, so the subject really speaks to me. My teacher, Mr. Elm, is very passionate and enthusiastic, so class is never boring.
  5. When I’m not in school, I rejoice in the fact that I’m not there and usually spend too much time on the internet or watching MSNBC.


Alex Colaciello (‘12), Treasurer

  1. I ran for this position because I felt that I would be able to help our SGA come up with a financial plan that will benefit it in the following year. I have learned much from the 2009-2010 school year to help me for next year.
  2. I hope that I will be able to help the SGA earn more profit by coming up with plans to spend maybe a little less yet still get the same outcome or even better outcomes than expected.
  3. I am a member of North Points National Honor Society chapter. Also, I play on the golf team, ran on the indoor track team and am currently playing on the lacrosse team.
  4. My favorite subject is probably my STI which is Electrical Construction where I am able to learn in the classroom then go out it be able to produce what i have learned to make a working electrical system.


Kelsey Renner (‘11), Communications

  1. Well, I’ve been involved with SGA since my freshman year, and the officers before me made SGA really strong and I wanted to follow their lead. I thought I’d be best at communications because it’s all about communicating within SGA with members and officers through things like Facebook and e-mail. I’m happy to do it again for senior year.
  2. I hope that I can lead the SGA to be more together and make sure everyone’s in the loop. SGA isn’t supposed to be exclusive; it’s about making sure everyone’s involved so we can better the school.
  3. I play field hockey and love that, I started the Schools for Schools club, and I’m in the National Honor Society.
  4. My favorite class is probably Education Careers because my classmates are the best and I love working with the kids.
  5. When I’m not in school I’m usually with my friends. I like to shop a lot and go to places where I can walk around, like DC or Oldtowne.

Jazmyn White, Historian (’11)

  1. I wanted this position to help better the school. My contribution as an officer with SGA will hopeful increase my invlovement in school and in the community. Also i love working in groups to accomplish something for a greater good.
  2. My personal goal for the upcoming year of SGA is to get more students involved. Our school has over 2,000 students and I want everybody to be represented.
  3. I am also the current Reporter for the SkillsUSA Maryland Chapter. The National Honor Society and key club are other activities I am involved in. I am member of the Varsity Girls Soccer Team.
  4. My favorite class would have to be AP World History. As a subject, I hate history with a passion. Mr.Serpone somehow makes this history class more enjoyable than any other I have taken. I can tell he is really interested in teaching history because that was his favorite subject. The fact that we can crack jokes and laugh in class while studying for the big AP test makes it all the better.
  5. Outside of school, I enjoy playing soccer. The team I have been a member of for the past few years, no longer exists. I currently play with a younger team. Along with another older North Point student, we help lead the team on and off the field.