Eagle on the Street: Who’s Your Favorite Teacher?


Christian Jones, Columnist

   What makes a good teacher? A good teacher is someone who goes out of their way to make sure that the student is receiving and understanding the information. A good teacher adjusts themselves to his/her student’s moods and feelings.
Alexis Javay’s (’12) favorite teacher is Mr. Minor. “He is very interactive with the class and you can tell that he has a good time teaching the class.”
  Michelle Bovell (’13) said,  “Mr. Lesko is my favorite teacher because he has fun teaching the class and is a very nice teacher”.    



Tyrell Ferguson’s (’10) favorite teacher is Mr. Kirby, “He always allows students to share good news and makes sure that things are visual for each and every student.”




 Good teachers encourage students and help them realize their full potential. Most importantly a teacher is never limited by academic excellence, but uses his/her head and heart in their daily classroom routines to create a positive and learning environment.