Meet Mr. Mast

Meet Mr. Mast

Many people know him as Mr. Mast. Some know him as Coach Mast. Yet others know him as DJ Why Not. Regardless of how people identify him, Mr. Mast is one of the most recognizable faces in North Point High School. Originally coming to the school as a History Teacher in 2009, Mr. Mast has moved up to an administrator role while continuing to do what he loves; helping students.

Anthony “Tony” Mast was born in Canton, Ohio, but moved around during his childhood. Eventually, Mr. Mast and his family settled in Chester, Pennsylvania, where he spent high school. While in school, Mr. Mast was a two sport athlete and a scholar. “I always enjoyed learning. To me, learning was fun,” recalled Mr. Mast with a chuckle. With a 3.8 Grade Point Average and a 1500 on the SAT, when it was out of 1600, it’s no surprise that Mr. Mast was a good student. He also happened to letter three times in Football and Basketball. “Sports meant a lot to me. I liked being one of the guys, part of a team.” After graduation, Mr. Mast hung up the cleats and attended Villanova University on an athletic scholarship; however, his love for sports never wavered, as he was a manager for the Men’s Basketball Team. In college, Mr. Mast earned two degrees in four years- one in History, and another in Secondary Education.

Mr. Mast knew very early that he wanted to be an administrator. “I like helping the students, and I want to have a bigger impact on more kids, not just the ones I teach,” exclaimed Mr. Mast. “I’ve always been about helping the kids.” However, it would take Mr. Mast ten years in Charles county before could finally take that role.

Before Mr. Mast came to North Point, he was the Head Varsity Basketball Coach at Lackey while teaching history. In his four seasons as the Head Coach, Mast and his Chargers saw much success; 48-1 in SMAC games, a 3A South Regional Title, and one half away from a State Championship. He lead a lightning quick, high scoring team that often flustered it’s opponents with speed, defense, and great shooting. On March 19, 2009, Mr. Mast stepped down as the coach, which took the county by surprise. That same year, he came to North Point, joining the History department. When Mrs. McClarin left on maternity leave during the 2010-2011 school year, Mr. Mast was thrust into the administrator role prematurely. Even with the sudden change, Mr. Mast took it all in stride. Now, Mr. Mast has no plans in stepping down anytime soon. As for going back to coaching basketball: “If University of Maryland, or a professional basketball team, called me to be a coach for them, then maybe I’d go back to coaching,” said a chuckling Mast. “But I don’t see myself getting back into high school ball.”

Mr. Mast says that five years from now, “Hopefully, I’ll be a vice principal, and moving up. And hopefully, I’m still at North Point.” While Mr. Mast has only been at North Point for two school years, he has already begun to impact the students that he loves to help. “Mr. Mast was a very fun, and helpful, teacher,” says Tyler Brown (’12), one of Mast’s students in his first year at North Point. “Whenever you needed something, he was there to assist you. His character, and what he does for his students, sets him apart from other teachers.” And while Mr. Mast may not be able to reach every student at North Point, he makes sure that he does his best with the ones that he can.