Queen of the SGA: Ms. Huffman

Every morning, perched outside of her doorway, Ms. Huffman greets her students with a smile. Ms. Huffman teaches a variety of consumer science classes, including Textiles and Apparels, Fashion Design, and Fashion Merchandising. This is her fourth year teaching at North Point.

            Being a woman of many roles, she is also the current sponsor of the Student Government Association (SGA). She has held this position for two years. One of the responsibilities of being the sponsor is working closely and overseeing the planning of SGA sponsored activities.

            One of the largest events Ms. Huffman must help the SGA plan is the homecoming dance and the Spirit days. It takes hundreds of hours of planning and lots of people. Factors that must be considered when planning the dance are food and beverages, decorations, song requests, organizing ticket sales, and advertising. Even though the planning is extensive, Ms. Huffman enjoys the process. “It’s a great event that everyone can enjoy regardless of academic standpoint”

            Ms. Huffman works tirelessly to make events such as those possible and enjoys every minute of it. “I enjoy working with Ms. Huffman because she allows SGA to truly be a student run organization while also giving us advice and keeping everyone involved.” agreed Thomas Lilly (’14), the SGA secretary.

One of the main reasons Ms. Huffman continues to volunteer to be the SGA sponsor is because of the students she gets to work with.  “I love working with amazing kids who are energetic and creative.” She commented “They have a lot they want to do and I love helping them accomplish it”

            Many of the students that she works with seem to take a liking to her as well. “Ms. Huffman is a really amazing person,” Stephanie McCarter (’15) said enthusiastically “She’s one of those teachers who I think truly cares about what she does and her students.”

            Whether it’s teaching or SGA, Ms. Huffman always provides the dedication, encouragement and the bit of flair to help the students accomplish anything they could imagine.