A Lover of Literature: Mrs. L Smith

Mrs. L. Smith, right

Mrs. L. Smith, right

Everyone has had at least one class out in the modular building at some point in their high school career.  However, it is mostly home to the 9th grade class.  Those are the kids who see her the most.  Those are the kids who get to learn from her experiences.  She is “always coming up with new ways to make normal boring lectures intersecting and entertaining,” stated Xavier Smoak (‘16).  Who is she? Mrs. L. Smith.  Mrs. Smith has been here since the very beginning of North Point High School and has taught all the different levels of English: Bridge, A-Level, and Honors.

Every year Mrs. Smith finds a new way to make classes more entertaining for students. “My favorite thing I have learned in Mrs. Smith’s class is probably the coming of age unit that we did.  It was really hard, but it made it easier with the units that we have done since then,” commented Aalyce Powers (’16).  Mrs. Smith does have a favorite subject to teach: Shakespeare. “If I could find a way to make the Romeo and Juliet unit a semester long, then I would!” Mrs. Smith laughed.

Outside of school Mrs. Smith is currently pursuing her master’s degree.  While she juggles her job here at North Point and her master’s class, she always has time for her two sons and husband. “On the weekends we [my husband and I] always find ways to entertain Adien and Gage [my two sons],” Mrs. Smith commented. When Mrs. Smith is taking her two sons to sports or just during her spare time, she enjoys sitting down with a good book. Mrs. Smith also helped to create Eagles in Flight. “However, they did not use the full program this year just a modified version,” Mrs. Smith laughed.

“Mrs. Smith is awesome; she is really relaxed and really nice. I really enjoy being in her class!” Kionna Warner (’16) stated.