Teacher Feature: Ms. De Veny

Upstairs in the back hallway, there is an English teacher. Her name? Ms. De Veny.  Ms. De Veny is a 10th and 12th grade Honors English teacher. She has been working here at North Point for five years.  “I look forward to going to English because of her; something entertaining always happens in that class. It’s just overall a great class and I feel that I wouldn’t do as well as I do in English if I didn’t have a teacher like her that really helps out when you don’t understand something right away,” stated Haley Carr (’15).

When Ms. De Veny is not teaching she is down on the softball field. Ms. De Veny is the assistant softball coach for the Junior Varsity team.  Ms. De Veny also helps with the Skills USA organization. She coordinates all of the competition trips and all of the volunteer and community service work that Skills participates in. She also helps to mentor the kids that are competing in Skills at both the States and National levels.

Ms. De Veny grew up in Marysville, Michigan and attended Marysville High School. Ms. De Veny recalled that her high school only had 500 students when she was enrolled there.  Ms. De Veny attended Thiel College in Greensville, Pennsylvania. Ms. De Veny majored in Political Science and English, and minored in international relations and history.

“All around Ms. De Veny is a great teacher and role model; you can go and talk to her about anything and she will try to help you in any way she can. I love her class, she makes it fun and exciting and funny. Her class is my favorite part of my B-Days,” Amanda Crehan (’15) commented.