Teacher Feature: Ms. Subramanian

Lauren Holmes, Section Editor

“Teaching has allowed me to build relationships with students,” said Ms. Subramanian, a relatively new science teacher to North Point in her second year. With saying that, it’s no surprise that most students that have her label her as their favorite teacher.

Originally from India, Ms. Subramanian moved at a young age to Troy, Michigan. She went to Michigan State University and didn’t always want to be a teacher. She first was interested in becoming a doctor. It was not until she began tutoring that she found her true passion in teaching. Teaching, she feels, is a way to connect with others through learning.

Aside from teaching, Ms. Subramanian enjoys many other things such as cooking, traveling, and hiking. She has a love to be outdoors and feels hiking is a great way to experience that. Traveling is another passion of hers. Recently she has traveled to Denver, South Carolina, and Chicago. Out of these hobbies, cooking is the one she talked the most excitedly about. She shared that it is her favorite hobby, and most who have had her meals can agree that she truly excels in it.

As for teaching, I’m sure all who have had her as a teacher can speak of how kind and inviting she is. She uses her love of teaching to easily convey concepts to her students so they not only understand the lesson, but enjoy it too. We are truly lucky to have her as a teacher at North Point.