Hottest Summer Movies

Whether it was an action packed thrill ride or a hilarious family film, there were several flicks that hit the big screen over the summer.   From comedy to drama and adventure to horror,  there was always a movie to fit your mood. Out of the many movie choices there were some that blew the audience away and took the title for some of the best movies this summer.
Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me had families everywhere smiling and laughing in their seats.  Toy Story returned for a third time with Woody, Buzzlightyear and the rest of the gang in this warm hearted film where the toys are donated to a local day care to start a new life but they find new enemies and seek a way out to escape.
Despicable Me was a lighthearted tail of a villain in training who has a million little yellow minions to help him on his missions but has a change of heart of his “evil ways” when he takes on a new job, being a father to three girls.
Tears were pouring when Zac Efron’s movie Charlie St. Cloud hit theaters.  Efron played Charlie, a college bound teen, who dealt with the death of his young brother Sam.  Charlie then started seeing his brother’s ghost.  He gives up college and his dream to keep a promise he made to Sam.
The third book of the Twilight series, Eclipse, had “Twi-fans” everywhere cheering as they watched their favorite stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.  Eclipse continued the story of mortal Bella who falls deeply in love with a vampire named Edward.  A group of vampires and werewolves must team up to protect Bella and others from the evil “newborn” vampires.  This movie is filled with action, romance and even some comedy.
This summer had some great picks but one movie surpassed the others in a landslide finish for the best selling summer movie.  The Karate Kid took the original 1984 film and added a modern twist.  Young actor Jaden Smith plays the new kid in town when he and his mom move to China.  Smith’s character is bullied by the local boys and aspires to become a Kung Fu fighter to prove he belongs.  Smith and co-star, Jackie Chan, team up in this action packed film about family, strength and heart.
Movies may only stay in theaters for a little bit, but the impression they leave can last forever.