New and Returning Shows Hit the Airwaves

So far, the year has been jumping with new shows. ABC Family’s new season of Pretty Little Liars has fans tuning in every Monday night at eight, followed up by Switched at Birth at nine. Also The Secret Life of the American Teenager spring season premiere this upcoming March. ABC Family also has a new show called Jane by Design that comes on Tuesday nights at eight. But a show that has people really excited is The Game, which  premiered for it’s fifth season on Tuesday, January 10 at ten p.m. BET’s most popular show had fans tweeting about for most of the day, and catching up on last season’s episodes. Oxygen has a new season of Bad Girls Club taking this season’s cast of young females to Las Vegas. The new season is planned to begin on Jan 23.  As for other channels, the CW network has a new season of Vampire Diaries, which is headed towards its third season this year. There is also a new show on CW called the Secret Circle.  The show’s story line is about a new generation of witches.

It seems like a lot of interesting shows are either on or back this year, grabbing people’s attention. “I’ve been watching The Game ever since its first season when I was in the eighth grade, so I’m always looking forward to seeing a new episode”  said Tahirra Johnson (’14). “Pretty Little Liars keeps me very interested because I just love mysteries” said Kayla Warren (’13). Bad Girls Club is ranked number five for the funniest girl fights in America, right next to VH1’s Basketball Wives. “All the girl fights and drama that go on in Bad Girls Club are too funny,” said Sean Williams (’15).