Fashion Feature: A Touch of GQ – James McCollum (’12)

Fashion Feature: A Touch of GQ - James McCollum (12)

Tell us about yourself.

“I am a senior. I like Spanish and drawing. I enjoy theatre and singing.”

Describe your style in two words.

“Urban preppy.”

Do you consider yourself fashionable?

“It depends on a person’s taste. If they like this type of style, then definitely.”

What is your inspiration?

“The glasses and blazers are inspired by Kayne West, other than that, magazines and YouTube.

How long does it take you to get ready?

“An hour or so.”

How do you feel about accessories?

“I like watches, cuffs, and bracelets.”

Where do you shop?

“Urban Outfitters, H&M, Forever 21 for Men, Pac Sun, and online.”

What is your guilty pleasure when shopping?

“Really expensive things, when I know I don’t need to pay so much for them.”

What fashion advice would you give to someone?

“You really have to find what looks good on you. Don’t go from other people’s opinions.

Where do you see fashion in the future?

“It will be more simplistic, not as many patterns and stuff. Clean cut.”