The New Hot Spot – Chevy’s

Chevy’s, a new Mexican restaurant in the Southern Maryland area, is located at 15914 Crain Highway A, Brandywine, Maryland. The atmosphere was picture-perfect. The food was remarkable. It was unbelievably fresh, especially the beef.  All of their food tasted “real.” The restaurant serves chips and salsa right once one is seated. The chips are just right, not too thick, and the salsa is perfect, just enough spice to put a little “kick” into it. The waiters were respectful and professional.

I started off my meal with their “Nachos Grande”, which is a heaping platter of tortilla chips topped with their original salsa chicken and refried beans, drizzled with red chile sauce and topped with a trio of cheeses, fresh guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo. These nachos are just about a full meal! The proportions at Chevys are phenomenal.

I chose to order a combo. The combo comes with three different entrée choices. My first entrée choice was the crispy chicken flautas. The flautas consists of their original salsa chicken, with roasted corn, salsa, cheeses, and then crisped in flour tortillas. They were served with a grilled pineapple salsa, jalapeño jelly and a chipotle aioli. I also chose to order an enchilada and a taco. There are three different types of enchiladas to choose from. I chose the original salsa chicken enchilada with chile red sauce. This enchilada has a lot of flavor to it. It was probably the best enchilada I have ever eaten. For the taco I chose a soft flour tortilla with original salsa chicken inside.

Overall, the food at Chevy’s was astounding. Everything was served in large proportions, was fresh and tasted outstanding. The waiters are great, the atmosphere is great, and so is the food.