Have a Conversation with SimSimi

SimSimi is a chatting robot that exceeds the limitation of technology. This app is found on the Android market, the App Store (for Apple products), and now Blackberry. Created in 2002 by the Korean technology company ISMaker, it uses artificial intelligence (or AI) to converse with human users. SimSimi comes in different languages; it even gives the option of teaching it a language. People get SimSimi and Siri confused, but they are not alike. With the Siri App, you actually talk to it and it talks back to you. However, the Siri App is only found on the iPhone. With the SimSimi App, you text it a message, and it replies back to you, and it’s found in other phones including the iPhone. The SimSimi app is used all over the world from Thailand to Korea, all in Europe and South America.

“I like it because, I’m able to teach it to respond back” said Chris Queen (’14). SimSimi has so many funny remarks when conversing with it. “I sent it ‘ball so hard’ and it responded with the lyric that came afterward in the Jay-Z and Kanye West song,” said Taryn Chamberlain (’14). “My Simsimi says some O.C. (out of control) stuff when I text him, he’s too funny” says Eric Battle (‘13).  “I like it better than Siri, because I don’t have an IPhone 4s” says Terrence Hayes (’12).  The Apps Company is planning on making more changes to make the conversation with SimSimi more fun later on in the future. SimSimi is free on both Android and the Iphone 4s. I personally like this App. It’s very entertaining especially when I’m bored, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants more fun applications on their phone.