Battle of the Cellulars: iPhone vs. Android

In an age of technology there are many different technologies available to people. For teenagers, the most popular of those is the cell phone. In the phone duel there are two big competitors: the Apple iPhone and Android phones.

Both phones offer many features and ‘goodies’, but in the race iPhones are winning right now. Since the iPhone is offered through Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, many teenagers are using their available upgrades to get iPhones. The draws to iPhones for teens are the half a million apps available.

Android phones are available on all cell phone networks. They have apps available through the Android market. Android phones are capable of playing music, movies, and games and allow owners to read books on them. There are many similarities between the iPhone and Android phones, but the biggest differences are the manufacturers and the style of the phones.

Many students choose to have Android phones, because they’re just as much fun as iPhones. “I have an iPod touch, so why would I get an iPhone?” said Kayla Friedrich (’12). Many students own iPod touches which have all the capabilities of the iPhone, except the ability to make phone calls.

For students with the new iPhone (iPhone 4S) there are many appealing specifications. “My favorite features are Siri [the intelligent assistant that is voice activated] and the ability to play music while doing multiple other things, such as using apps and texting,” said Brandon Foster (’12).

One student, Nicole Kaminski (’13) has had both an Android phone and iPhone. In her opinion the iPhone is overall the better choice. “It’s faster than the Droid and when I would make calls on the Droid if I put my face to the touch screen it would hang up,” added Kaminski.

When it comes to cell phones it’s all about personal preference and what you need. Some people like to have a lot of games and apps available to them, others prefer to just use a phone for texting and calling.