Another Picasso?

Shaquille Christian (‘12) is a senior here at North Point and has been drawing for thirteen years. He has sharpened his skills in AP Art with Mr. Ball and has Art II with Ms. Kramer. “I have been drawing for longer than people have been alive” said Christian.

He was inspired by his day care teacher. “She told me to pick up some crayons and have at it!” Christian commented. As an artist, Christian usually only works with pen or pencil; he isn’t such a huge fan of paint. He has had two phenomenal pieces entered into an art contest, both of which were completed in color pencil. Christian received first and third place for his work.

Christian was asked to have a self-portrait done in Ms. Kramer’s class so she could enter it into a young artist magazine. “Christian is a great student and a great artist when he applies himself and pays attention to the detail in his artwork,” says Ms. Kramer.

Christian’s influences include Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, and Jimi Hendrix. As far as he is concerned, his future does not include his artistic talents, other than writing music for his band, When Cities Sleep. However, art will always be a hobby of his, something to do in his spare time. When asked what art meant to him, Christian stated that art is the outlet that keeps people sane.