Impractically Hilarious

There are many shows on television today that are very funny. There are also plenty of funny videos on Youtube anyone can watch, but nothing is really so funny that one may actually laugh out loud. Impractical Jokers will have you in tears because of how hilarious the show is. The show comes on TruTV on Thursday nights.

The show consists of four men, life long best friends, who attempt to humiliate and embarrass each other in public. Each episode has about three or four challenges to it. Each challenge is extremely embarrassing and if the person attempting fails then it is marked off. During the challenge the person has an earpiece in their ear and they have to do or say everything they are told. At the end, the person that failed the most challenges has to do something even worse than anything that happened that day.

The person doing the challenge can stop any time they want to, but if they do, they will fail. In one of the episodes, the person who came in last place had to go into a coffee shop and sit in the rest room for about five minutes. Once the five minutes were up, he had to crack open the door and yell out desperately for toilet paper. Now remember, the whole entire coffee shop was full of random people that were enjoying their coffee or eating breakfast. After yelling for ten minutes for toilet paper, a woman heroically walked over and gave him some napkins, everybody cheered. All of the challenges are just as embarrassing as that, and they have to try and keep the straightest face the whole time.

Alex Gonzalez (‘12) sums it up: “Impractical Jokers is by far the funniest show I have ever seen since The Weekenders, and that show was from middle school.”