Creativity, Showcased: The Annual Art Show

Wednesday, May 16th the annual North Point art show was held along the fine arts corridor. The art show showcased the artwork of students in multiple art classes, including Art I & II, Ceramics, Painting, Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art, Architecture & Interior Design, and Photography. The art show even featured pieces from students in the National Arts Honor Society.

The art in the show was created with all types of mediums, such as pen and ink, pencil, clay, crayon, colored pencil, water color, and acrylic paint. The students’ artworks were of real life drawings, figurative messages and symbolism. The works of art varied in many ways and were all unique even though many were created through the same assignments. “It’s a lot of unique artwork that you won’t see everywhere,” said Rakim Stewart-Coltrane (’13).

Many viewers were intrigued by the work. “It’s a lot more variety,” commented Emily Watts (’13). The show impressed many teachers. “I really appreciate this [the students’ artwork], because I have no artistic ability,” commented Mrs. Roussillion.  The purpose of the art show is for students who might not have been recognized to have their art displayed in the hall. “It shows another side of students,” added Dr. Alo, the ceramics teacher.

The art show pieces were chosen by the multiple art teachers. “There is really no set way we choose,” said Mr. Ander, Art I and Architecture/Interior Design Teacher. “We pick good examples of what we’ve done.” There is not enough space to showcase all the students’ works so they choose the pieces of people who have put in a lot of effort and time.

The variety showcased in the art show shows how diverse and creative North Point students are. “Everyone’s so talented,” commented James McCollum (’12).