Jeff’s Burgers: Worth the Hype?

Jeff’s Burgers is the new fast food place in the St. Charles Town Center Mall. After the McDonald’s closed, the mall was in a dire need of a new restaurant. Jeff’s Burgers was at first a burger shack in California, but now it is a large chain with outlets all over the country.

Jeff’s Burgers are known for always having food made fresh for the customer’s enjoyment. I’d have to say, however, that it is overpriced. The food is still pretty good, though. While there, I ordered a Jeff’s Burger Combo. It came with a fair amount of fries and a medium drink. The customer service was pretty good: the employees were very easy to talk to and didn’t put any pressure on me to order.  They also had recommendations from the menu of what they thought was “the best.” I was told that the Jeff’s burger was very tasty, but only when it’s a deluxe. The burger as itself is just a burger. But for a few more dollars you can have many condiments added. I ordered the burger with everything on it to get the full experience.

The food was done pretty fast so I was able to sit down and enjoy it. The fries were seasoned to a point of perfection. There weren’t too many of them, but they were delicious. The burger was stacked high and had a tooth pick going through the middle to hold it together. The patty was not as big as I had hoped, but wasn’t too greasy. The condiments were in small variety. But the bread was very crispy and delicate. The burger as a whole was a pretty good meal. But for the price, I would have to say it’s not worth it.  My meal cast around 7 dollars with some change and I could have easily gotten a lot more food if I had just gone to Five Guys.