Mural Adds Color to Art Hallway

Mural Adds Color to Art Hallway

Creativity is poured out all over the art mural in front of Dr. Alo’s Ceramics classroom.  The mural is an empowering symbol for many students as they walk through the hallway and recognize the fine art that lines the doorway as they enter class. “For us it’s more than a mural, it’s a piece of us artists. We made our mark,” said Joy Harris-Holloway (’13).

“When I paint with my fellow ‘co-workers’ I get really excited and I feel like I’m actually contributing in something that can make an impact in my school for students and staff. I hope to inspire the students who attend North Point to feel safe enough to show and expose their true and inner art,” continues Harris-Holloway as she splashes her paint brush on the wall of the soon to be art mural.

“Every time I walk pass the mural, I can’t help but think how much they do and will work on it. I want to know the concept behind the sketch, the art,” explained Ethan Kriemelmeyer (’14).

The colors are so bold, from orange to red to yellow and on to blue. The design sticks in the heads of those who see it.

“I think it’s really good that artists are being recognized in our school by making this art mural. I think it’ll make people appreciate artists and art itself a lot more,” commented Morgan Reid (’15).