They shuffle the cards back and forth over and over again, performing magic tricks for all to see. Everyone wonders how it is done. They blow people’s minds out of the water and make them question the tricks. The audience wonders what trick will be next . No, they do not pull rabbits out of empty hats, do death defying stunts, levitate off of the ground, or make people disappear out of thin air. However, with a full deck of cards and some skill, a good show is always guaranteed.

The Magic Club meets on Tuesdays in the multimedia room and is welcome to anyone who would like to join. This is the first year that North Point has had a Magic Club and the sponsor is Mrs. Bogart.  “It is a great way for students to get involved, and it helps them to make new friends,” Mrs. Bogart stated. Anthony Norris (’15) is a recent addition to the Magic Club and has to agree that “It is a fun club to be in.”

“It is a lot of fun performing for people,” Jamie Lozada (’15) commented. “It is always fun to hear and see people’s reactions to the tricks that we do.” The club mainly concentrates on a trick called “Flourishing,” which done with a deck of cards. “Flourishing is when you take a deck of cards and you use the deck of cards and ‘manipulate’ them to look like something like a windmill,” Cameron Cooper (’15) explained. “We also do the basic card tricks as well; those are the most fun! Those are the tricks that are the hardest for people to figure out,” Cooper continued.

So come on down and check out the Magic Club; you never know what trick they will do next! “Just remember,” stated Lozada, “a good magician never reveals his secrets.”