Twihards Have a Last Hurrah

On November 16th, 2012, the next and last movie in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2, hit theaters.

“Twihards” everywhere were gathered, waiting in the long lines and going to midnight premieres just so they could say they were the first to lay eyes on the new movie.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 incorporated all the things the other Twilight films had in them, but with less romance and more drama and action. This will probably broaden the amount of viewers watching the movie.

A lot has changed since Bella moved to Forks, Washington. With new characters and a modified cast, this movie became an impeccable sight to see. Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a lot different from all the other movies in the Twilight Saga because in most of the others told a general back story  as to how the Bella and Edward met and how much in love they are .

But Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a big turnaround, which viewers could have predicted as soon as Bella opened her blood red eyes at the end of Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Movie critics gave the film mixed reviews. It is one of those movies viewers are going to hate or love. If they weren’t already on board from the beginning, they probably weren’t going to like it.

Taylor Jackson(’15) said, “As a twihard, I couldn’t imagine this one not being rated an 100% because, to me, it was easily one of the best movies of 2012. Those critics must be crazy, because in my book, this movie breaks the charts. I will be buying it on DVD.”

Many lovers of the Twilight Saga are especially upset when they have to convince a person who doesn’t love Twilight to at least go see this movie.

Jordan gray (’15) said, “I encourage people everywhere to go see Breaking Dawn, because if you didn’t like the Twilight saga before, you will like now. There is so much drama and thrill – it’s just too good this time to miss out.”

With fights, drama, and a touch of romance, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is one movie that viewers are not going to want to miss, with a suspenseful ending that will leave them hanging on the edge of their seats.