Choir Concert Brings Holiday Spirit

Choir Concert Brings Holiday Spirit

December 5, 2012. North Point High School. The auditorium doors opened wide, and one by one friends and family began to fill the rows. Once everyone was seated, a hush fell over the crowd. The stage lights focused, and one by one the Concert Choir entered the stage. The Concert Choir sung two songs. The first was Journey into Winter by, followed by If Through the Sea of Night.  After those two songs were sung the Concert Choir stayed on stage and the Combined Women’s Choir came up.  The first song that was sung was Ding-a Ding-a Ding, which was then followed up with On My Own from Les Miserables.  “I love the meaning behind it [On My Own from Les Miserables], I feel that it is a song that everyone can relate to,” Madison Boelke (’15) commented. The final song, Stand upon the Rock!, was accompanied by Aaron Harper on drums.

The Men’s Choir came out strong with Traveling Day, followed by God Rest You Merry Gentlemen and The Chanukah Song (We are Lights). In the beginning of The Chanukah Song, there was a small group solo that consisted of Gregory Roberston, Kenneth Sneed, Ian Nesbitt, Keyons Djiossou, Ari Amowitz, and Draquel Hawkins.

After the Men’s Choir left the stage the Chamber Choir was standing in their place.  The Chamber was on a roll, entertaining everyone with Kyrie Elesion and Prayer of the Children. When they got to their last song, Mrs. Helming shouted “No, no, no! I forgot the music!” With that, she ran off the stage to go and retrieve it out of her classroom. As soon as she was gone the Chamber Choir just started talking and moved around so they could all talk to each other. That is when the audience heard, “Well, let’s just conduct ourselves!” With that the Chamber Choir conducted themselves to The 12 days of Christmas an arrangement done by A. Lange.  “I loved seeing everyone’s reaction to 12 days of Christmas! It was so much fun to learn and perform!” Amanda Crehan (’15) commented.

With the Chamber Choir having sung their final song they exited the stage and Eagles in Harmony quickly took their place.  Thir opening song was Ave Maria with Brianna Bush on flute.  The song that followed was Jingle Bells. Eagles in Harmony’s final song was Guadete!. The soloists in this song were Raquel Sawn, Monica Garza, Nateia Templeton, and Amanda Crehan.  The percussionists were Bethany Burroughs, John Busch, Paul Morrissey, and Tony Teleky.

Once the Eagles in Harmony had finished, all of the choirs came together and closed with the final songs Carol of the Bells and Jabula Jesu.

“The choirs did a fantastic job; I cannot wait to see what they do for the next concert!” Maren Denyer (‘15) commented.