Movie-Making Master Mind

Some would think that Garrett Davis (’13) is preparing to be a movie maker, but making videos is just one of his hobbies he is really dedicated to. This video guru has went from filming comedy YouTube clips, to school projects, and now a documentary on the cross-country team.

Back in middle school, Davis was all about making funny videos with his flip camera. “I was really enraptured by the processing and editing, producing, and directing.” High school was when things got a bit more serious with Davis’ upgraded equipment and editing software.” Davis and Isaiah Sutton (’13) started a parody to the series 24. “We mostly did action type videos when we were serious. We’re about to start a web show too,” said Sutton. Later, Davis was joined by friend, Allen Tengco (’13) to make comedic videos based off of games like Call of Duty. Some videos even reached 500,000 views on YouTube. Collin Schirf (’13) and his acting skills helped Davis create more creative videos.

Davis later started doing an independent film. “It was very big at the time because of the huge acting group it needed. This project did not finish in time but I learned a lot from the process,” admitted Davis. “Around this time I broke off, did some personal vlogging (video blogging) on Facebook before I returned to making collaboration videos.” The next set of videos Davis made was school related. He did advertisements for school, videos for engineering, and directed an ad with Gaston Lopez (’13).

The school projects continued in his sophomore year where more professionalism was added to his video making. These videos featured more people than he usually had on the set. All together, Davis has made over ten videos that were school related.  “I have had many requests from friends and teachers, many of which I was able to satisfy. I have won some competitions for these videos. I also took the time to do music videos for some bands as well as myself.”

Last year, Davis received an idea from friend Christopher Jones (’13) to do a cross-country documentary. The project took a year to film and edit. “It was my biggest project yet and I just wrapped it up a month ago. I am looking at submitting this documentary to a film festival and have already pre-screened all 90 minutes of it,” explained Davis. This video will be released Christmas Day.

Not only is the artistic Davis a movie maker master, he is also in a band. “Music is a very creative aspect of my life,” shared Davis. “I love the saxophone and if anything can compare I love the guitar. The difference between the two instruments is incredible and fascinating.” Davis’ multi-talents are very similar, they both involve art. “It is great to learn something new about the arts everyday.”

Davis has come a long way with film-making. His dedication shows that he will be doing this for quite some time. “I would love to do this in college with other people. I do not anticipate this will become a career, but who knows,” explained Davis. “One thing that will not change is my love for film-making; I have not made a single penny yet and still love it.”