The Art of Makeup

At the start of the second quarter, the Makeup Club started and the experiments began. Ms. Yankee started the Makeup Club to allow students to show their skills with a brush and a wand. But not just any brush a wand; these tools are used for trying out new makeup trends.

Every Thursday during the second half of NEST, the club meets in a small environment. The attendees start off by discussing the latest trends and figuring out what they want to try. Trends include smoky eyes and rosy cheeks.

Entering the classroom, there is a table for the students is set up with trays of makeup. In front of the club members are small mirrors with tiny lights. That means the club is all set and ready to start to make over each other’s faces and try new trends.

The small club brings its make up to the tables and gets to work on experimenting. During the club, the sponsor Ms. Yankee says, “Typically we discuss different types of makeup colors and practice trends that they see they want to try, and they’ll practice on each other.”

Members of the club can expect to have fun if they have an interest in learning the techniques of makeup. Member Brooke Peterson (’13) joined “because I like makeup and being creative, and learning about makeup.”