Stepping into Rhythm

Ever wish to find a dance team that doesn’t demand a lot of practice hours and puts dancers in control of their own routines? The Step Team has it all. The best part is that there are not any auditions – anyone is welcome to join the club.

Unlike a professional dance team or even the poms team, they do not practice for hours on end. “We only practice 30 minutes, so it’s more of at home practicing,” says member Kiara Turner. But at the same time they put in a lot of effort to be as good as any other group of dancers. The Step Team meets to practice on Wednesday, during the first half of NEST, to sharpen the skills its members learn.

Another perk of the team is that the dancers control the moves in their routine. Longtime members of team, along with the input of the other members, help choreograph the whole routine. The girls’ work together to have a good routine with a little bit of style they add to the step.

The team makes everyone feel welcome and they strive for perfection. They help those who never tried step before, and even those who have been apart of a step team but need to sharpen up their skills. They find new ways to improve not just the routine, but the team as a whole.

Soon the Step Team will be turning into much more. The team hopes to have a performance during next year’s fall Pep Rally and maybe even during half times at basketball and football games.  Collectively the team thinks, “It will definitely turn the Step Team into something bigger by having a performance.”