Singing with Harmony

Walking down the Fine Arts hallway, you will sometimes hear multiple voices singing heavenly songs. If you follow the sound it will lead you to the choir room. There you will find Mrs. Helming conducting Eagles in Harmony, North Point’s Women’s Choir.

“The girls work really hard to do their best, so that when they perform they have everything perfect,” Brianna Daniels (’15) stated. However, this is just not some choir group that anyone can just join. “You have to have to go through an audition with Mrs. Helming. She will have you do a sight reading which consists of solfege and rhythm,” Whitney White (’15) explained. ” Then she will also have you do the chromatic and regular scale.”

“Eagles in Harmony is one big family,” Amanda Crehan (’15) commented.  Raquel Swan (’14) added, “Everyone is so loving and honest with one another [that] sometimes it’s difficult to have twenty-something sisters. But we make it work.”

And work they do. Swan explained that although that the girl mess around sometimes, once practice starts it’s time to get serious. “All of us are really committed and have a passion for singing,” Swan (’14) stated. However, what it all boils down to is the performance. The girls work extremely hard to make sure that their sound, timing, and performance faces are the best that they can be. “I have seen them rehearse a few times, and trust me everything that they do to prepare themselves is well worth it,” Maddie Boelke (’15). “The girl’s performance is always so much fun to watch, you can tell that they love what they do.”

Make sure to come out and see the Eagles in Harmony Choir perform along with North Point’s other choirs at the District Chorus Assessment Festival, on Tuesday February 26, 2013 and Wednesday February 27, 2013.