Run with the Pack: The “Prince of Wolves” Has Arrived

Run with the Pack: The “Prince of Wolves” Has Arrived

Attention Twilight fans! If you have been missing out on your werewolves now is the time to get back into the pack. Quinn Lofits is a new author who has come out with the “Prince of Wolves” series.  The first book, Prince of Wolves, is about a seventeen year old girl named Jacque Pierce, a senior in Coldspring, Texas.  In Jacque’s town nothing exciting ever happens. However, when a new foreign exchange student from Romania comes to town, Jacque and her two best friends Sally and Jen realize that their last two weeks of summer are about to become very interesting.

So, what is the different about the new guy on the block? Jacque cannot seem to get him out of her head. Little does Jacque know that her new crush just so happens to be a Canis Lupus: a werewolf. In fact, he just so happens to be the prince of all the Canis Lupus. If that wasn’t enough, Jacque is more than just some girl to him; she is the other half of his soul. Jacque is his soul-mate.  However, when Jacque and this werewold, Fane, are getting to know each other, Fane discovers he is not the only wolf in Coldspring, or the only one who wants Jacque.  Fane will have to fight a wolf to keep Jacque as his mate. But will he win? Will he be able to defend the one thing that gives his life meaning? And will Jacque be able to except Fane as what he really is – her mate, her werewolf?

“I loved this book; it could not be any better! The sarcasm in this book makes you smile and laugh so hard. Quinn Lofits did an awesome job and I can’t wait to get the rest of the books!” commented Devin Heilmeier (’15).

“This book is hilarious! It is just a fun book to read and a good read at that, too. I love Quinn Lofits,” said Madison Boelke (‘15). “She has definitely set the bar pretty high for the next book.”

After the Prince of Wolves book make sure to continue the series by reading Blood Rights, the third book Just One Drop, fourth Out of the Dark, and the fifth book Beyond the Veil. Additionally, the sixth book coming out soon!