All It Takes to Change a Life is One Bite

Ever felt like your world is being turned upside down and inside out? Or that you had the biggest secret that you couldn’t share with anyone? That is exactly what happens in Jennifer Snyder’s new book Marked.


Seventeen year old Tessa Morganton’s life had been calm and easy, besides her jealous boyfriend Sam, but that all changes once Jace Fowler walks into her life. Jace is the new guy in town with the charm and looks that has every girl trying to get his attention, including Tessa. Tessa cannot seem to shake these feelings for Jace, no matter how much she knows that she shouldn’t have any feelings for him. But after serving an animal attack, Tessa grows suspicious about Jace. Then, Jace tells Tessa his secret and how she is involved. Jace is a werewolf. But he is not just any werewolf – he will become the Alpha as soon as he chooses a mate. Jace has chosen Tessa. As Tessa learns more about what it takes to become a werewolf she discovers things about her parents’ past. Tessa questions everything she was told by her parents, and questions everyone else around her.


Will Tessa be able to hand her new life style? Will she be able to except Jace for what he really is, and now herself? Will she ever be able to forgive him?


“I loved this book! It had the perfect mix of suspense, drama, comedy, and romance,” Devin Heilmeier (’15) stated, “But it is definitely a book for girls, I don’t think guys wouldn’t like it. But girls would love it!”

Jennifer Snyder has also written two other books: Changed (Marked Duology Book Two), Exhale, Touch (A Reaper Novella), Hereafter (A Reaper Novella), and Shattered Soul.