Movie Review: Oblivion

Tom Cruise does it again, showing off his excellent acting skills in his newest post-apocalyptic action/drama/sci-fi film Oblivion.

Oblivion is a movie about a veteran trying to dig the remains of what’s left in the earth after all of humanity has abandoned it.

Along the way he ends up finding a lot about himself and other people. There is one person in particular that he learns a lot about and slowly starts to turn into his character’s love interest.

This movie is based on director Joseph Kosinki’s unpublished graphic novel under the same name and edited by Radical Comics.

Kiana Moore (’15) says, “Intentionally it wasn’t even my plan to go to see this movie; I just ended up seeing it because my movie was sold out. But I must say this movie is definitely worth a look.”

Moore also says “It was suspenseful, high adrenaline and exciting all in one and kept me at the edge of my seat. I was very surprised because I thought it would be more of a “guys” movie but it ended up being great for both genders [and] even couples.”

Jessica Perry (‘14) says “I always have loved Tom Cruise and some of his movies and hoped that this one would be something that was equally as good. But, sadly, I was mistaken. While it was very entertaining, I didn’t really get much out of it.”

Perry also says, “After a while, to me, the whole movie became a little pointless. It had a good plot but it slowly started to fade after getting past the middle of the movie.”

The Washington Post movie critics give this movie 3 and half out of four stars which seems suitable. While it was good, it was missing lots of things that could’ve made the film even better.