Official or Non Official?

To logo or not to logo, what is the difference? French Teacher Madame McLaughlin says, “To be an official club it needs to be during school hours and on the club schedule. Non-official is when a bunch of kids get together and talk about what they like.”

What is the difference? One of the differences is the usage of the North Point logo. When fund raising for a monetary gain for whatever purpose to appealing to the public. Kayla Contee (’14) says, “Last year in French Club, it felt like the school didn’t think we were important because we wanted to fundraise for a non-school related trip to Canada.”

Official clubs, like key club, can use North Point logos and raise money, but they don’t keep it for themselves, it goes to a good cause. Not necessarily does the club have to be as big as key club, it can have few members. There is no regulation for making a club per say, just as long as it is clean and doesn’t break any school policies. Although to make a club there needs to be a coach or sponsor as the supervisor of the club or team etc.

Now, nobody can just host a car wash or a bake sale using the North Point logo, without filling out a form and sending it to Mr. Simms for his approval. The event needs to have a rhyme and reason; it cannot be just for the money involved. Meaning the money has to have a purpose, not just harvesting the pot of gold and school related purpose. The school logo is just like any other it is, its own logo. It is illegal to copy it and use it for your own purpose. It is just like others and against the law to use it.