Falling into Music

The lights dim and a vibrant mix of blue and pink lights the stage. With a thump of the drums, the jazz ensemble comes to life, playing a long side with drummer. Then the show begins.

First up, the jazz ensemble. Energy radiated from instruments like the saxophone and bass playing Beulah Witch, Freddie the Freeloader, and America the Beautiful as the first selection of the night. Right after the first song, Mr.VanDyke’s voice came through the microphone, announcing, “ This is a first for the concerts.” Then a familiar jazz tune of America the Beautiful played from the stage as Christian Stewart (’15) sang along. Never has the band had a singer accompany their music at a concert.

Following the jazz ensemble was the vocals from the Eagles in Harmony and the Chamber Choir. They sang accompanied by a piano and without musical instruments. The crowd has a round of applause for The Rose of the Sharon, The Sea Lullaby, and Nothin’ Gonna Stumble My Feet sang by the Eagles in Harmony and The Road not Taken “ Frostiana”, My soul is Awakened, and Earth Song, sang by the Chamber Choir.

After the applause, a large crowd of Orchestra musicians filled the stage. Warming up, the string instruments were ready to play. Then in harmony the orchestra played La Traciata, and Entrance and March of the Guest from “Tannhauser that enchanted the crowd. For the last act the symphonic band ended the night, playing  Who’s who in the Navy, The Music Makers, and Clowns.

The show was a huge success to first time high school music players like freshmen Lauren Holmes (’17), who said, “ It is a lot different and better from playing in middle school.”The music and vocals heard was put together by Mr. VanDyke and Ms. Helming. Through the hard work and practices the concert leaves anticipation for the winter concert that is soon approaching.