Take a trip to Japan: Japan Club

Travel to the other side of the world every Wednesday during the second half of nest. Here you will find students engaging in various activities and discussions about Japan. The Japan club promotes a cultural connection and students who interested in learning about Japanese culture. They cover all aspects of Japanese culture, from music to language, and everything in between. Mia Bates (’16), one of the officers, says “This club expands many students cultural horizons and it is kind of a culture shock to students.”  

This club was created because of some students who expressed an interest in the country Japan and wanted to experience a little part of it locally. Cassandra Chin’s (’16) parents own a Chin Hamaya Culture center on post office road. Chin (’16), the president, shares a personal connection with Japan as well as other members. Chin (’16) lived in Japan for five years. The Japan club allows her to share her experiences with Japanese culture with other students. Courtney McIntosh (’15), another Japan Club officer, says his favorite aspect of the Japan club is that it is very different from taking a language class, where the focus is on one thing. “In this club you learn more about the cultural norms in the Japanese society.”

The Japan club really focuses on keeping students engaged during the meetings by teaching Japanese dances and tasting Japanese dishes. They try to make this cultural experience fun and exciting, showing students that stereotypes about the country are contrary to the facts. Many people are encouraged to join the club if you are curious or ever want to experience something new during nest. McIntosh (’15) says “If you are really into Anime and Japanese media, you will enjoy this club.”

The Japan Club takes the meaning of cultural understanding to a whole new level when it comes to educating students about the world around them. It invites a new sense of appreciation that is hard to find.