Was it really “Souled Out?”

Many have heard of the new artist Jhene Aiko from some of her famous collaborations with hit performing artists, but some have not had the chance to listen to her new album entitled Souled Out. It has been on the charts for about two weeks and has gotten a wide variety of responses in regards to her hip hop and soul dynamic.

            A lot of the criticism about this album comes from listeners complaining that a lot of her songs sound too similar. Many are using sayings like “same song different title” and “not bad but good” to describe the overall sound of the album. One comment from a listener says “This album can get relatively boring, and the whole album sounds like one long song.” Nevertheless there are still people who really enjoy the album and find it new and fresh. “Jhene brings a fresh breath of air in the music industry,” comments one listener “Her sound definitely calms and soothes the soul.”

            Although many seem to agree with the overall consent that Jhene Aiko’s album is very simplistic in the style, her lyrics and song titles are like a breath of fresh air to hear in the music industry. Her words evoke a lot of meaning and sentiment from them which is very different from the realm of popular music today. Even the way she titled this album reflects Aiko’s impressive creativity and writing abilities.

            There are still many music listeners that have not heard this album and have yet to give an opinion. But one thing is for sure, there is no rush to download this album.