Getting to know North Point Talent: Jessie Green


Meet Jessie Green (’15). She is among one of North Point’s many talented individuals. Green has been blessed with many talents, but her main talent is what she brings to the stage. Her main instrument is the clarinet, which she has been playing for seven years. Along with the clarinet, she plays the alto saxophone and the E-Flat Clarinet.

Green started her love for music early on in her life. She picked the clarinet in fifth grade after seeing her Aunt’s old clarinet. “I picked it up, tried it out, squeaked and said that’s the one,” shares Green about how she fell in love with her instrument. Since that moment, Green has performed in many ensembles and is currently a part of the symphonic band. She has also been a part of the Clarinet choir for solo and ensemble festival as well as the saxophone orchestra. On Friday nights, she is seen leading the Marching band during halftime at the home football games.

Green has played many pieces throughout her music career. Her favorite song she has performed with the band is Folk Dances by Dmitri Shostakovich. Amongst her repertoire of solos she has played, her most admired piece is the Weber Concertino. With all this performing experience, Green would like to continue her passion in college and major in Music Education. She is looking into programs at West Virginia University, the University of Maryland College Park, and other local colleges. After she completes her studies, Green aspires to be a band teacher. She is also in the Education Careers STI program which helps her with the teaching aspect of her future.

Green has a massive love and drive for music. “Not everybody has it,” she says, “You have to have this drive to sit down and practice without the teacher constantly note by note it for you.” Being a part of a performing art is a totally different set of experiences. Green’s personal favorite experience was when she attended a music festival that her private teacher hosted every year. She performed as a young musician still coming into her own musical niche. She describes how after she performed she was able to hear how well she could be if she stuck with her instrument. “From that point on I realized how I could be and how good I could get which is the reason why I kept going with this,” explains Green (15’).

Green’s skill and passion for music never ceases to amaze anyone. If anything, Green shares this with any person who is looking to pursue music or trying to find the courage to stick with it: “Go for it and seek help because it is never too late or too early to get involved.”