New Game on the Watch

Arianna Howard

Keep an eye out for Overwatch, the most recent announced game from Blizzard Entertainment. The game was revealed on November 7 at Blizzcon 2014, Blizzard’s semi-annual video game convention, which was held on the 7th and 8th.

Overwatch is a PC, team-based multiplayer, first-person shooter, which features two opposing teams with six players each. Players are able to choose one of several characters, each diverse and unique with their own roles and abilities. Characters range from Hanzo, a Japanese skilled archer, to Mercy, a healing angel, and even Widowmaker, an extremely skilled sniper with many interesting gadgets.

Directed by Jeff Kaplan and Aaron Keller, Kaplan states that he wanted this game to give off a diverse and non-sexualized representation of different genders and ethnicities. The characters are as follows:

  • Tracer: A 26 year-old British woman named Lena Oxton who specializes in offense, using her two pistols as well as her ability to teleport and bounce back in time.
  • Reaper: A Mercenary who uses twin shotguns and can become a shadow for a short period of time, as well as disappearing and reappearing in another location.
  • Widowmaker: A 33 year-old French sniper named Amélie Lacroix, armed with a grappling hook and a device called a Venom Mine, which releases a poisonous gas when a target comes in range.
  • Winston: A 29 year-old genetically altered gorilla with an electric cannon as well as the ability to form a bubble-shaped shield protector.
  • Pharah: A 32 year-old Egyptian woman named Fareeha Amari who uses a rocket launcher and a jump jet.
  • Reinhardt: Reinhardt Wilhelm, a 61 year-old german soldier, is a tank on the team and dons his hulking crusader armor as he uses his Rocket Hammer.
  • Symmetra: An Indian woman of age 28, specializes in support, using a photon projector and shield.
  • Torbjörn: A 57 year-old Swedish engineer who serves as defense with a rivet gun, a forge hammer and autocannon.
  • Bastion: A robot that was once designed for peacekeeping, this Bastion is the last of its kind and uses two modes, assault and siege.
  • Hanzo: A mercenary/assassin, this Japanese 38 year-old uses a storm bow, as well as sonic and scatter arrows.
  • Mercy: A 34 year-old Swiss field medic, Angela Ziegler uses her Caduceus staff and blaster, as well as her ability to resurrect allies.
  • Zenyatta: This 20 year-old wandering guru, Tekhartha Zenyatta uses his three orbs, of destruction, harmony, and discord.

There is no announced release date for the game, but beta is going to be available in early 2015. Other games from Blizzard include World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft. In the words of game character, Tracer, “…the world could always use more heroes.” So why not join her?


You can find out more about the game, including its two trailers at