Frank Ocean Teases New Single ‘Memrise’

Alex Huibsch, Staff Writer

After two years of zero solo productions, Grammy-winning artist Frank Ocean returns unveiling his new song “Memrise.” That’s right, it has officially been two years since Ocean’s first solo album, “Channel Orange”, which earned a Grammy-Award for its singles such as “Thinkin Bout You” and “Pyramids.” The new track, “Memrise,” contains very intimate lyrics, delivered with staccato-styled spoken vocals by Ocean. It is also a much more experimental track than Ocean’s other works because of its use of lo-key, atmospheric, and almost meditative instrumentals. While many musicians exaggerate their publicity, rolling out red carpets for their new singles, Ocean ultimately unveiled his new track quietly on his Tumblr. “I memorized the wayward expressions/Never look down/Never let you see me down. I memorized the way no directions,” Ocean mysteriously says in the song. The lyrics supposedly entail the deep, ‘confidential’ side of a relationship. Being less than two minutes long, some have described the song as more of a poem—sung lustrously over waves of vintage sounding electric piano. Poem or not, one thing’s for sure—Ocean’s fans have been waiting. Since the success of “Channel Orange,” Ocean has been featured in Beyoncé’s hit “Superpower” and even in the Django Unchained soundrack, in which he produced the song ‘Wise Man.’ Ocean was also interviewed by GQ magazine in 2012, after he released “Channel Orange.” The interview comprised of interesting questions, deeper and more revealing than standard questions just on the success of his music. In like manner, Ocean humbly expresses all characteristics of himself, which makes him a more dimensional artist, which transcends to his music. Ultimately, along with the new single, the very talented Frank Ocean continues to work extremely hard, and plans to eventually satisfy his fans with his second album, soon to be released sometime in 2015.