Jurassic World

Arianna Howard, Staff Writer

Many students can, without a doubt, say that they’ve seen all of the Jurassic Park movies. Many of us can even quote them, as they were a large part of our childhoods. Many were very ecstatic to see the newly released announcement for “Jurassic World.”

 The trailer was released on November 25 by Universal Studios, and it currently has over 44 million views on YouTube.

 The movie will star Chris Pratt who was recently the main character in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” as well as “Parks and Recreation.” Due to these roles, Pratt has earned many new fans, so they are eager to see him in this new movie.

 The movie is set twenty-two years after the original movie; they have created a new park, much more advanced than the last. It is already open to the public, with many new attractions including a SeaWorld-like show for what many assume to be a Tylosaurus (an underwater carnivore which could be up to 50 feet long).

  However, the main plot of the film will revolve around the fact that the scientists behind the park have made a new, genetically-modified dinosaur. This is where Pratt comes in, being assigned to hunt down this new dinosaur which has apparently gotten loose.

 Many viewers have questions, such as “why did they start with a carnivore?” or why did they even think it’d be a good idea to make a new dinosaur in the first place? Overall, the movie looks like it will be a wonderful addition to add to the original trilogy with a wonderful cast and a great plot.

  The movie is set to premiere in theaters on June 12, 2015.