Big Bang’s “Made” Comeback


Amani Jackson , Staff Writer

Big Bang, a successful 5 member Korean boy group, which consist of T.O.P, Taeyang, G-Dragon, Daesang and Seungri, has made their comeback after being on a hiatus for 3 years. A series of unfortunate events is what caused their hiatus. Daesung, the group’s main singer, was in a serious car accident, which subsequently caused him to run over a man and G-Dragon, the group’s main rapper and leader, was caught in a drug scandal. For 3 years their fans have been by their side supporting them through hard times.

On April 17, 2015, Yang Hyun-Suk, the founder of YG Entertainment and the group’s CEO, released their teaser pictures on their website. The reaction was nothing but excitement from fans whom waited forever for them to come back. Later that day their announcement for their Made 2015 World Tour was unveiled. “The album will be split into 4 parts, each starting with a letter to make up the word ‘Made.’ The beginning of the month starting in April there will be singles released.” Yang Hyun-Suk commented.

The comeback album was written and produced by the leader of the group, G-Dragon. G-Dragon is one of the few Kpop idols who actually write his own music. During the groups hiatus he produced his second solo album, “Coup D’Etat,” which featured tracks with Diplo and Missy Elliot. For his hit single, “Crooked,” and album, GD won 4 Mnet Asian Music Awards and 2 Golden Disk Awards in 2013, both the highest awards in the music industry in Korea. GD has made his name known throughout the music industry and became one of the highest paid artists in Korea in 2013. Also during the hiatus Taeyang, the groups lead singer released his second solo album “Rise.” His single “Eyes, Nose, Lips” became a huge hit in 2014. The single topped charts in 21 countries and allowed him to take home 3 Mnet Asian Music Awards and 2 Golden Disk Awards in 2014.

In the “Made” series album, “M,” released on May 1, consisted of their first single “Loser,” a sad heartbreaking song, and their second single “Bae Bae,” an uplifting party song. Their single “Loser” topped charts and won them a whopping 10 music show awards, from Inkigayo, Mnet Countdown, Music Bank, Show Champion, and Show! Music Core. Next, “A” series, released on June 1, consisted of their third single “Bang Bang Bang,” a powerful upbeat song, and “We Like 2 Party,” an relaxing kickback song. Those singles won them 4 music show awards. Second to last, “D” series, consisted of their fourth single “If You,” a romantic love song, and fifth single “Sober” a wild party song. Lastly, “E” series, consisted of their sixth single, which was a GD and T.O.P collaboration called “Zutter.”

Big Bang’s album is already at the top of billboard charts and will mark a huge milestone of their success. Their fan-club members, V.I.P, are excited for their new comeback journey and will be by their side until the end.