Finding Carter (…and her brother?)


Carter Stevens

Celeste Brown, Staff Writer

What would you do if you found out your parent/guardian was really your kidnapper? Finding Carter is an MTV hit series following the not-so-average life of Carter Stevens, played by Kathryn Prescott. After living with Lori Stevens, the woman who abducted her when she was three, Carter found her biological family and moved in with them. Season 2 ended in July with Lori fighting for custody over Carter, conflicts between Carter’s friends, and the shocking reveal that Lori has a sixteen-year-old son with Carter’s father, David (Alexis Denisof). Just like usual, the producers introduced a new plot-twist, leaving viewers anxiously waiting for the next round of episodes.

Season 2B kicked off on October 6th with the end of Lori’s trial. While viewers can see that Milena Govich is clearly making her character Lori seem mentally unstable, Lori isn’t serving time for kidnapping Carter and has regained custody of her son Ben (Ben Winchell), taking him out of foster homes. Ben gets enrolled into Carter’s high school and quickly sees interest in her best friend, Bird (Vanessa Morgan). While Carter makes it her mission to get to know her new brother and understand why she never met him, her boyfriend Crash (Caleb Rumineer) tries to change her mind by saying Ben is up to no good. As she always does, Carter bypasses the warning and the episode ends with her applying for a job at a club, with the use of her fake ID from Ben. Episode 2 aired on October 14th and 10 more episodes are scheduled to air Tuesdays at 10PM on MTV.