Fall Calls for Music


Alex Huibsch, Editor-in-Chief

With Fall time being prominently expressed throughout the arts, it’s only fitting for the music department to chime-in on such tradition. Featuring three different music groups, the Fall Concert was held on October 13th in the auditorium. The lineup consisted of the Jazz Band, followed by the Orchestra, and the concert closer—the Symphonic Band.

After the lights dimmed, and everybody in the audience took a seat, the show soon began. The Jazz Ensemble emerged from the silence with initial sounds of a lonely drumbeat, which was soon accompanied by mystic tunes and rhythmic guitars. The Jazz Ensemble went on to play festive themes such as Witchcraft, All the Things You Are, My Little Suede Shoes, and St. Thomas. “I was really pleased with our performance,” said Jazz Percussionist Aaron Abshire (17’). Following the Jazz Ensemble, the Orchestra performed three songs, which included Themes from The Merry Widow, Symphony No. 2 (2nd movement), and lastly March Petite from Symphony No.8.

The closer of the night consisted of four songs performed by the Symphonic Band: El Ralicario, Second Prelude, Spoon River, and Light Cavalry Overture. Saxophone player Jacob Longoria (17’) gave his thoughts on how successful the concert was executed. “The concert went phenomenally well. Our audience was greater in size than we expected it to be,” explained Longoria (17’). “Adding to what Jacob said, I think we did exceptionally well. We definitely put in the effort to perform optimally,” emphasized fellow saxophone player Benjamin Busch (16’). Additionally, trumpet player Hunter Bowling (17’) gave his opinion on how he thought the show went. “It was an awesome concert and our performances were really good. I especially thought the solos between all the students were performed really well,” expressed Bowling (17).

Ultimately, by the end of the night when the curtains closed, a feeling of satisfaction swept the auditorium amongst the audience and musicians alike. Proud parents, siblings and friends cheered while each group bowed with the gratification that they had just achieved finishing their first seasonal concert of the year. From there on, each music group plans to practice and perfect their craft so that they will be ready for their next major performance, the Winter Concert.