Crimson Peak: A Cryptic Cinema Delight


Thinking about catching that one scary movie just before October 31st to get into the spirit of Halloween? If so, consider seeing Horror Master Guillermo del Toro’s latest flick—Crimson Peak. Starring Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, and Tom Hiddleston, this eerie ghost story and gothic-romance hybrid sets the perfect scene to accompany that Halloween mood.

The plot entails a 19th century female, Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska), who is aspiring to become an author in England—her native country (set during the Victorian Era). However, complications arise as a family tragedy strikes, leaving Cushing divided between a mysterious outsider (Tom Hiddleston) and her beloved childhood friend (Jessica Chastain). In dealing with her ordeals, her problems, and her ghosts, she is mysteriously reallocated to a specific house in order to mediate her problems. Unfortunately, the situation only exacerbates as this house chillingly breathes, bleeds, and remembers. “Normally, when I go to do a movie in America for the spectacle and younger audience, for Blade or whatever. This movie’s tone is scary and it’s the first time I get to do a movie more akin to what I do in the Spanish movies,” expressed Director Guillermo del Toro.

Overall, Crimson Peak is a highly recommended film because of its eerie setting, strong character development, and haunting style. Additionally, it pays homage to classics such as The Shining, Nosferatu, and Suspiria. Furthermore, Crimson Peak keeps balance in that it does not dive too far into the realm of horror, but also incorporates significant drama/romantic elements, making it suitable for different audiences.