Drawing From a Different Perspective


Allison Brown’s work in progress.

Celeste Brown, Staff Writer

The current Art II project assigned by Mr. Laskow is to draw a city in which all lines recede to two vanishing points. Using vanishing points forms a more realistic, 3-D picture, and creates a sense of depth. Allison Brown (’17) has been taking art classes since middle school. She loves to draw and being able to take art courses allows her and her peers to participate in the things they enjoy most. She is currently working on her two-point perspective project and is allotting both time and effort into completing it. To Allison, the class is “really fun… soothing, and calm.” Her artwork features a scene showing a bank, hotel, and other buildings drawn with precision. Her sister, Rebecca Brown (’17), has also been working on the project. Rebecca’s artwork includes the same accuracy, yet shows a city that is falling apart. She defined art as a way of expressing yourself and although the sisters were given the same prompt, they were also given the opportunity to be creative, allowing them to perceive the drawing as they wish and make a piece of work that is truly their own.

Along with art, Allison is taking part in culinary. She balances the two of these, but isn’t sure which she’ll focus more on after high school. She’s been passionate about culinary and art since she was young and the two of them are two of her favorite classes. Both her and her sister will continue to draw in their free time throughout the rest of high school and their lives after.