The Queen of Vocals Is Back


Britain’s soulful beauty, Adele has released a single, “Hello,” from her new album 25. In 2013, she began working on her album, but due to writers block, she constantly doubted herself. Before the production of her album she considered quitting the music industry, but instead she simply needed to “take time and live a little better,” said Adele. Between motherhood and being an artist she was too distracted. It was a long process but after two years the album was complete. “Hello,” the songs single, was a surprise to everyone.

The memorable lyrics in the song play out a conversation about a failed relationship, having regrets, and reflecting. It could relate to almost everyone in the world, at least some part in your life you go through hard times with someone you love dearly, regretting something you said or something you did. With her powerful vocals and reflective lyrics you feel as if she were speaking directly to you. The chorus consists of the line “Hello, from the other side” which means becoming an adult after making it out alive from your late teen years, referring “from the other side,” said Adele. The song leaves listeners to make their own conclusion to maybe refer to first love, to their failed relationship, and reuniting once their adults.

In fewer than two weeks of the song releasing on YouTube, “Hello” has been viewed by over 300 million people worldwide. Also, the song broke a Vevo Record by achieving 27.7 million views within a 24-hour period. It has reached number 1 in 30 countries.

Adele’s album, 25, is said to be released on November 20, 2015. Like 2012, great things are going to happen to Adele. I smell six more Grammy’s in her hands in 2016.